Abbreviation of USB, Whats USB?

 Abbreviation of usb
Entertainment and Arts question: Full name of the abbreviation USB?                     
  USB Stands For ...
                                                       " Universal Serial Bus"
What does USB stand for?

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What does USB stand for? There are so many acronyms, initials and abbreviations raising questions like "What does USB stand for?" These combinations of letters are now being used just like everyday words! Find out the difference between an acronym, abbreviation, trademark or an initialism (yes, it's yet another new word!). Back to the question "What does USB stand for?". We have detailed below the meaning of the letters or initials used, a definition and some helpful background information about this common acronym. So read on to discover the answer to your question: What does USB stand for? And what the letters USB mean!  An ideal free Educational Resource complete with useful examples for Teachers, Students, Colleges and Schools.

What does USB stand for? Background information
The letters USB stand for Universal Serial Bus. A USB is a standard type of port (socket) for connecting devices to a computer system such as keyboards, digital cameras, printers and scanners. In computer terms a bus is a set of wires that connects the main memory and processor with computing devices (peripherals). The USB was created by a core group of companies that consisted of Intel, Compaq, Microsoft, Digital, IBM and Northern Telecom in 1996.  The above information supplies the answer to  "What do the letters USB stand for?". Now find out the answer to:


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